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     Properly built lighting can visually transform the volume of space without affecting the design and architecture. Wrong lighting can destroy the whole idea of ​​the designer.

     Lighting design is the art of controlling light. The task of a lighting designer is to create an attractive and comfortable space, take into account the interaction with the environment, think over the impact on the emotions and mood of a person. This art is based on a scientific understanding of the physical aspects of light, the principles of construction and operation of light sources.

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Project photo

    Modern lighting designers are able to create amazing illusions, change the perception of space, enhance and emphasize details. They care about the beauty and style of interiors and exteriors, take into account the safety and energy efficiency of projects.

  The right lighting can drastically change the atmosphere of your room, enhance the colors used in your décor, and can even prove useful to signify different areas of your home.

Project photo
Project photo

Post public: 14 March 2022
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