Shusha Hotel and Conference Center

ClientMinistry of Economy of the Republic of AzerbaijanLocationShushaDate10.05.2023Scale2.1ha

Foglie Dalloro company successfully implemented the project of the Shusha Hotel-Congress Center Complex, located in the cultural capital of Azerbaijan - Shusha. The foundation of the Complex was laid on August 29, 2021, with the participation of President Ilham Aliyev and First Lady Mehriban Aliyeva. In 2022, during the "Year of Shusha”, the implementation of the project began, based on the concept of a caravanserai. Foglie Dalloro team was inspired by rich national architecture of Azerbaijan.


As we approach the Complex, we can see the main entrance, which is decorated with bas-reliefs carved from local stone. The general idea comes from the Karabakh carpet composition "Flowers in the Garden" (Bağçada güllər). Wherever we are, the theme of flowers surrounds us everywhere - on facades, in interior details, in decor and accessories. And sometimes we can hear the imperceptible aroma of fresh flowers with which every corner of the Complex is filled. The balconies of the northern and southern facades are made of natural wood, which were used in traditional architecture during the construction of Shusha buildings of the 19th century - the Zohrabbeyovs house, the Hajibeyli house-museum. Matte brass adds lightness and elegance to the entire façade ensemble.


The interiors of the hotel and rooms contain the diversity, culture, and history of Azerbaijan, which are unobtrusively intertwined with postmodernism. On the ground floor, guests of the Complex are greeted by a handmade panel, made of natural wood according to sketches by the Foglie Dalloro company depicting the image of the famous Karabakh horses. The composition delights and at the same time amazes with its scale.


One of the most common types of folk art in Azerbaijan is carpet weaving. Foglie Dalloro team was inspired by the famous Shusha carpet «Bağçada güllər». In the hotel lobby, thе carpet was hung from the ceiling of the hotel lobby, thereby turning it into the main art object of the interior.


Each hotel room has its own highlight, and this highlight is the unique patterns of Karabakh carpets.


The architectural ensemble is complemented by sculptures, paintings, works of art and diverse plants. The Shusha Hotel-Congress Center Complex is diverse and offers numerous services. In a four-story building, there are: 154 rooms, conference hall and a ball room, restaurant, SPA, swimming pool, fitness, and a library. Library draws a special attention, where about 1000 books are stored. Where any visitor can plunge into the world of literature of the Turkic peoples.


There has been opened a "National Center of Culture" exhibition in the "Miras" gallery which is also located inside the Complex. It exhibits works by masters of Karabakh-born painters, as well as by artists who drew inspiration from the beautiful Azerbaijani region.

The entire system of technical equipment, management and energy supply of the 5-star Shusha Hotel-Congress Center Complex meets international standards. Thus, the modern control panels used in the Complex ensure its efficient operation, safety and convenience of guests. In addition, the building has ventilation systems that match solar energy panels, ensuring high energy efficiency. This is another example of the work being done in the transition to clean energy.


A vast area around the Complex has been landscaped, preserving existing trees, and planting new trees and decorative flowers. In the courtyard of the Complex there is a cozy garden, the landscape of which is thought out for the convenience and relaxation of guests. There is also indoor and outdoor parking. The Shusha Hotel-Congress Center Complex has truly become an architectural landmark of the city of Shusha and all of Azerbaijan.



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